A story behind nude pictures on the Internet

A story behind nude pictures on the Internet

If there’s one thing a man never wants to experience, it’s finding your naked wife pics online when you weren’t the one that put them there. It happened to me a handful of years ago and was the catalyst for the end of my first and mostly unsuccessful marriage. I’ve found someone far better suited to me now but I’ll never forget seeing my naked wife online.

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The Unbelievable Discovery

The fact that I was browsing a porn site featuring amateur milf type women is probably a good sign that my marriage wasn’t working all that well. I should have been trying to seduce my wife, but I just couldn’t be bothered at that point. Instead, I was browsing through selfies and pics shot by husbands and boyfriends (I know nudity in movies is what most people go for these days, but pictures are what really thrill me). I saw a thumbnailed pic that looked an awful lot like my wife, but my brain simply couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. My heart skipped a beat as I leaned forward for a better look and moused over the image. One click would reveal the truth.

Once the new window with a full-sized image popped up there was no question that was my wife and that she was naked. She was in a pair of black stockings, actually, but otherwise she was absent clothing and in a lovely hotel bed. Her breasts with exposed and her private area hidden by her closed thighs. I was stunned beyond words. She looked so good, but I knew I wasn’t the one that had taken that picture.

The Beginning of the End

I’ve never experienced such a quick run of emotions: anger, sadness, jealousy, hatred, embarrassment, and many others. Looking back on it, I know that I played just as big a part in her drifting from the marriage as she did, but in the moment I had no ability to see or understand that. Instead I was mad. It was the anger that made its way to the top of the pile of emotions and stayed there (preventing me from having to deal with the other emotions, at least for a while).

The picture was still on the monitor when my wife got home that night. As calmly as I could I asked her to take a look at it and things got predictably ugly from there. We fought, we screamed, we said stupid things that would be hard to forget, and eventually we went to separate bedrooms to sleep. The details of what followed are unremarkable, but suffice it to say we ended up divorced not long after. It’s never the one incident that takes a marriage down. It’s all the stuff that led to that one incident. We just weren’t right for each other, and while that’s exceptionally sad to admit, at least I’m with someone that’s better for me now.

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