How Should You Behave With An Escort?

How Should You Behave With An Escort?

If you have never dealt with an escort before, then it is better you must learn how to treat them and avoid any unpleasantness.

Certain things you learn through hard ways but hence in this post a few basic guidelines are provided, which you need to follow when you plan to spend some time with an escort.

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Following are few things that you must remember while dealing with escorts.

1. Don’t ask for service without condom

Prefer safe sex don’t insist on having libido without using condom. Also don’t try to take off your condom during sex by making a lame excuse. Escort may ask you to leave immediately even if you paid her full.

2. Don’t treat escorts like a prostitute

Though the job done by prostitute and the escort may be more or less same, the latter expects good behaviour from their customers. Hence, treat them gently and don’t try to be creepy or use foul language.

3. Don’t be too personal or fall love with her

You have to understand that escorts are just professional and their role is to entertain their clients. They do not expect you be too personal or even express your warm feelings towards them. They are just doing their job in exchange of your money.

4. Don’t ask for money back

The moment they have already taken off their cloth you cannot ask for refund, as you will never get it back. If you want refund then you must do it before the action starts.

5. Negotiate but don’t bargain

Escorts do not like any kind of bargains with clients. However, if you have any special need or looking for any service then you must discus it in the beginning. Negotiate gently and even understand their point of view about your special request.

6. Don’t try to cross boundary

Don’t try to cross the boundary which was already agreed in the terms and conditions with the agency while hiring. Don’t try to bribe the escort to give you certain sexual favour, which was clearly forbidden in the contract.

7. Maintain good hygiene

Don’t come in dressed shabbily. You must take proper shower and dress up neatly before you meet the escort. You must be presentable so that escort don’t feel uncomfortable to come closer for those intimate moments.

8. Leave before exchanging money if escort is not as per your expectation

If you do not find the escort the way you had asked for then you must better leave right away before you give her money and protest a complain to the agency. After you have handed over the money then you have to accept her.

9. Be gentle and avoid acting like pig

Escorts are thorough professional and also expect you to behave like one. Prefer to be gentle and even compliment them. It is a respect that they truly deserve. Stop acting like a rogue and be a gentleman!

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