Gain an Insight on How to Enjoy Your First Experience with VR Pornography

Gain an Insight on How to Enjoy Your First Experience with VR Pornography

The past few years’ virtual technology has pushed adult entertainment lovers from just being spectators to participators. First understand what is VR technology? Virtual reality technology allows to create an illusion of viewers being in the immersive, digitally created environment. VR headsets employ head movements and trick your mind in believing you are really immersed in there.

The porno shooting is filmed from spectator’s POV or point of view, so as to offer a very close and immersive experience. Two images get shot from different angles, giving depth sensation and 3D immersion.

Generally, you will gain 180° view. This means you can look right, left, up and down. There are some VR porn videos that offer 360° view and you get to see what is happening around you. It is especially helpful when you are part of virtual orgy gasps.

To watch VR porn, first timers need to get familiar with many aspects to enjoy a great experience.

Know the jargons

  • 180° video – All actions happen in front and back area is empty, so there is no need to turn around while watching.
  • 360° video – Viewing section is total around viewers. Enjoy watching it either standing up or seated on a swivel chair.
  • Voyeur – In this video, you are just an onlooker and not a participant.
  • POV – Point of View means video get shot from perspective of involved person. VR porn photography includes this, where viewers look down and see a body attached to them.
  • Binaural sound – Sound is designed to mimic 3D life associated with the scene. It helps to mentally pinpoint where it comes from without looking.

Try it first

In VR porn industry, you will be pressurised to become a member but make sure to become a member only after you watched and used their services for a couple of weeks. You can get an idea that you like the platform or not. There are several studios that offer a couple of day trials, so take advantage. Make sure to choose a studio that offers quality and enjoyable content.

How to watch on headset?

It does not matter, if your headset is Oculus Rift or Googe Cardboard or HTC Viver or PSVR. The key is you need to read the manual and get familiar with how it functions to enjoy a smooth experience.

Get comfortable

New comers may find it hard to find a relaxing position for enjoying the scene. It is suggested to move around as shots change. Become missionary, if the position sits up or stands. If shifting often is tedious then sit upright in swivel chair for majority of positions are suitable to this.

Bring your non-VR fetishes

First timers can get overwhelmed with what they can watch, so begin with what you are familiar with. Never watch a random VR porn site because you may not find the video to your liking. So, to make your first experience great find a VR version of something you adore in non-VR pornography.

Enjoy yourself because VR transforms your sex fetishes into reality!

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