A Guide to the Safe use of Penis Pumps

A Guide to the Safe use of Penis Pumps

Many men feel like the size of their penis is unchangeable, no matter how much they wish they could change what they were born with. The truth is, which all men need to know, is that there are plenty of safe and affordable ways to lengthen your penis, the penis pump being one of the best ways around.

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How Does it Work?

You may be interested in extending the size of your penis, but may be wondering just where to begin in such a venture. It is in fact a rather simple process, involving no pain or irregularities so long as it is carried out by capable hands.

A penis pump will be made from a long, airtight cylinder which you will insert your penis into, making sure that your testicles are not inserted. This will then create a vacuum which will begin enlarging your shaft.

This vacuum will now begin increasing the blood flow from your body to the tissues within the urethra which cause an erection. This will then more easily facilitate the engorgement of a large and powerful erection, as the tissues in your penis begin accommodating the increased influx of blood.

Most penis pumps will be fitted with a manually operated hand pump, which the user will gradually squeeze, causing a progressive flow of blood to continually increase in your penis. You have total control here, and can stop whenever you feel that your erection has reached a satisfactory level.

While this can just be a once-off boost to your physical performance every now and then, the regular usage of a penis pump will in fact begin permanently increasing the size of your penis through a forced growth achieved by the constant engorgement causing the tissues to stretch and grow.

Some Things to Consider

While a penis pump can indeed bring much value to your self-esteem and sex life, you must ensure to carefully follow the instructions provided with your device very carefully. An over exertion can lead to injury.

You do not need to be reminded how sensitive your penis is, and how painful and damaging an over-exertion can be. While you are unlikely to encounter any serious injuries, you can easily overstretch your penis and cause an unwanted and very painful lesion.

Moderation is the key to penis pumping. You need to begin softly and gently, and always focus on what your body is telling you. If you begin experiencing any pain or discomfort, then it is definitely time to stop.

Be patient, nothing great ever occurred overnight. Like anything in life, extending your penis size takes time, and a sound judgment. Whether you are looking for a temporary enlargement to your penis, or want a permanent growth, always keep a sound judgment.

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