4 Fabulous Ideas for an All-Girls Party

4 Fabulous Ideas for an All-Girls Party

Admit it. When it comes to ladies hosting parties, their imagination can run wild. Unlike the lads who may be pretty much content on having food and beer to keep them entertained (which likely leads to snooze-ville for most ladies), girls have it differently.

In fact, if you leave a girl free rein in planning a party, you’ll never know what to expect. Like men, women like to have fun with their girl friends. They enjoy sharing a good laugh with each other. They especially enjoy planning parties that not only have cute decorationsbut also fun and engaging activities.

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If you’re among those who share this trait when throwing a fun party for all your girl BFFs, check out these fun and engaging party ideas:

Makeup Spree

A lot of women enjoy getting together and experimenting with different shades of eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushers. If you and your friends like this, try this idea.

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Scour the world wide web, especially Youtube, for out-of-this world but wearable makeup tutorials and take turns applying the tips on each other. Spend a night beautifying yourselves while gorging on fish and chips as well as enjoying drinks until you all discover the sultry, Megan Fox-esque or the girl-next-door, Keira Knightley-esque look you all have been dying to pull off.

It will not only be a night filled with entertaining stories and great food to share, but you’ll also learn new makeup tricks you can use for another girls’ night or to impress the men in your lives.

Let’s Get Physical

Admit it. We women are obsessed with how we look. Not only do we want to have flawless skin, we also would like to have a body to die for, right? But despite that, there’s also that nagging dislike of going to the gym and performing boring exercise routines.

Fortunately, exercising is not the only way to stay fit. Have you ever heard of belly dancing? If so, then you are probably aware of the many health benefits it can give you. This Middle Eastern dance, according to BBC, gives your body a whole work out.

Because belly dancing is a non-competitive dance workout, it’s a great idea to party with your girls while burning calories. Hire a belly dancer like Rachel, don your belly dancing costumes, and strut the night away dancing, laughing, and learning sensual moves.

Ladies’ Night

When it’s ladies night, many lasses dress their sexiest and head to clubs for a night of drinks, dancing and laughter. But instead of going to clubs and spending, why not gather all your girlfriends and host your own ladies night soiree?

You can hire a wedding DJ in Canberra or wherever you are located, buy food and drinks, and some decorations to pump up the party.

Chick Flick

Feeling glum and in no mood for a night out of town? Make your little soiree quiet and relaxing. Don on your pyjamas and do a “movie marathon” of the most popular romantic films in the 90s. Don’t forget to buy a box of tissue, though.

And there you have some of the party ideas you can do with the girls.

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